BREAKING NEWS: Mopar Road Ready is back by popular demand and heading to seven different cities in 2015-2016. Mopar has tag-teamed with Dodge this time around to make “Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge,” and parents will need to act quickly to avoid the dreaded waiting list, as more than 700 teens and parents participated in the stops earlier this year in California, Florida and Michigan.

We’ve got 10 reasons you should race to register your teen to become road ready:
1. Comprehensive learning experience: No more excuses for your teen to slump in the driver’s seat with one hand on the wheel! “Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge” includes a brief classroom review of core driving topics, including proper seat positioning and hand positioning.
Teenage Driver
2. All “hands-on” deck: For the love of orange cones! The program features an advanced behind-the-wheel training with on-track course sessions, including accident avoidance, distraction, panic stop, wheel drop, and wet skid pad.
3. Defensive driving-focused: Everybody knows that when it comes to safe driving, “it’s not me, it’s you.” It’s enough to stress about your kids out on the road, but you have to worry about all of the drivers around them as well. This program emphasizes paying close attention to cars around you and driving defensively.
4. Confidence builder: Lower your blood pressure! There is no better way to instill or boost confidence in you…or your teen driver, than having a hands-on experience tailored for drivers just like them.
5. No more backseat driving: More confidence means you won’t need to white knuckle it in the passenger seat jamming your braking foot through the floorboards.
6. Sweet ride: Your kid won’t soon forget how they got to ride in style, as they will be taking some of the newest Dodge vehicles for a spin.
7. Save your tires: Hopefully by the time they are done with this course, there will be less run-ins with the curb! More training for your son or daughter means less wear-and-tear on your car’s tires.
8. Intimate lesson: Mopar Road Ready has a 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio, allowing for quality time with each teen. This is also a proven curriculum with skilled, high-caliber instructors.
9. It’s free!: Everybody likes free stuff. A $99 refundable registration deposit (plus processing fees) is required to secure a spot, but it is returned after the session.
10. Take the wheel: Each teen’s participation in the program will include a companion experience for a parent or adult guardian who also will actively take part, so this is your chance to earn bragging rights as the best driver in your family!

For more info on the program, check out our previous Mopar Road Ready blog post.

To register for the already-announced stop in Detroit (Sept.12-13, 2015), head here:
For Denver (Oct. 24-25, 2015), head here: