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You’ve had to move fast to catch of couple of new Dodges recently. The full allotment of the 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker (2,000 cars) and the Mopar ’14 Dodge Challenger (100 cars) were spoken for by dealers within a total of five days.

So if you want one of these special limited-edition cars in your garage, check with your preferred Dodge dealer pronto!

But what if a new car isn’t in your budget, or you’re quite happy with your current late model Challenger? A few minutes spent working the Mopar catalog can help you upgrade your car to one that comes really close to those special Challengers.

How would you do it? Here’s where to start your shopping list:

  • Shaker hood kit: The calling card for the Challenger R/T and the Mopar ’14 is the Shaker hood, a modern interpretation of the performance modification from the 1970s. The Mopar kit includes a hood with a cutout for the engine-mounted air scoop. Air from the scoop is routed through a cold-air induction kit with low-restriction air filter. The Shaker hood kit fits Challengers as far back as the 2008 model year with the 5.7-liter HEMI V-8. The Shaker hood is popular, so heck mopar.com or your local Chrysler Group retailer for availability.
  • Cat-back performance exhaust system: With HEMI power under the hood, why not announce that you mean business with a stainless steel performance cat-back exhaust system that reduces back pressure and delivers a throaty roar during acceleration.
  • Wheels: Dress up your Challenger with a set of 20-inch wheels, with either a bright or dark finished and a clear-coat covering. Mopar offers at least nine 20-inch wheel options for the Challenger.
  • Rear spoiler: Give the folks in your rearview mirror something interesting to look at with a rear spoiler with a matte black finish.
  • Stripes: The Mopar catalog offers a variety of stripes to choose from, including the A-line stripe similar to the one used on the Mopar ’14. Other stripes are designed for the hood, roof and trunk lid. Stripes are available in a variety of colors to accent your car’s color.
  • Leather-covered seats: Dress up the interior of your Challenger with Katzkin leather seat coverings from Mopar. The seat coverings are available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Pistol grip shifter: The finishing touch for a heritage-inspired muscle car is a pistol grip shifter for cars with a manual transmission. If your ride has an automatic, Mopar offers a classic-looking T-handle shifter.

This just gets you started. The Mopar catalog has plenty more ways to customize your Challenger, or any Mopar car.

All these accessories can be added to your Challenger at the dealership, or in your garage if Do It Yourself is more to your liking.

Either way, the Mopar catalog has the parts to take your Dodge Challenger to the next level of performance.

Will you be the first in your neighborhood with a Shaker hood?