At Mopar, we think Earth Day is the perfect opportunity for us to shed light on how taking care of the customer and the environment go hand-in-hand.

For example, our line of Mopar Remanufactured (Reman) Parts put tons of materials to work that would otherwise be earmarked for landfills, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. We also pride ourselves on Operation: Green Core, launched as part of the Mopar Collision Program in 2014 which highlights the recycling of fascia cores.


Fun fact: Did you know Mopar was also the first to provide digital owners’ manuals in 2009? This change continues to yield environmental benefits to this day.


What does this all boil down to? Here’s how Mopar keeps it green:

  • Mopar Reman Parts repurposed 6,552 tons of materials in 2014
  • The Mopar Reman catalog includes over 4,200 parts
  • More than 16,030 semi-trailers of material — loads that would have been headed for landfills — were repurposed through the Mopar Reman Parts program in 2014
  • Since the September 2014 launch of Operation: Green Core, 140,250 fascia have been received at the Mopar recycling center, with 942,400 pounds of material redirected from potential landfill distribution
  • 930 tons of paper — the equivalent of 20,000 trees — have been saved each year, since 2009, by the move to digital owners’ manuals
  • In 2014, the Center Line, Michigan, Mopar Global Source Warehouse recycled more than 6.5 million lbs. of wood pallets and over 2.9 million lbs. of cardboard
  • The Center Line facility upgraded all lights to energy efficient fluorescent fixtures, resulting in energy savings of 5,289 gigajoules, avoiding an EPA-estimated 1,200 tons of CO2


The future also looks eco-friendly, as we continue to strive to make each step of the “Customer Journey” as green as possible. Among other initiatives, more than 200 Mopar Remanufactured Parts will be added in 2015 to our brands growing Reman portfolio.