Got plans for Saturday, April 26? Did you know that it’s HEMI Day?


Yes, HEMI Day. April 26 – 4/26 when expressed in numbers – happens to match the cubic-inch displacement of the Generation II HEMI racing engine that debuted at the 1964 Daytona 500. So, not only is it HEMI Day, this year is the 50th anniversary of the racing HEMI engine.


Roll that up with the return (finally!) of some warmer weather to the northern states and you’ve got more than enough reason to party. Plus, when you wish someone a happy HEMI Day and get a puzzled look in return, it’s the perfect chance to go full Mopar and explain the whole deal.


Here are some other ways you can mark HEMI Day:


  • Wear orange! The HEMI racing and production engines were painted orange (HEMI Orange, of course) to make them stand out. The anniversary logo for the 426 race HEMI uses orange for that reason. Or, visit your favorite convenience store and enjoy an orange-flavored iced drink.
  • Go to the zoo! The HEMI engine’s overwhelming power and substantial size earned it the nickname of “The Elephant.” This fact is also represented in the anniversary logo. So celebrate elephants by rounding up the family and visiting a zoo. Or if there’s a festival happening near you, drop in and enjoy the fried dough delicacy known as elephant ears.
  • Hear the HEMI roar! Lots of Mopar fans love to show off their cars and the HEMI engine at local car shows. And, many towns have joined the “cars and coffee” routine with early morning gatherings in a parking lot near a restaurant or donut shop. Go check it out. They’re easy to find, just check with your local car club or check event listings online. If you want to hear the HEMI really roar, see if there’s a drag strip nearby. Weekends are popular for meets that attract local racers.
  • Show your HEMI pride! Check with your favorite Chrysler Group dealership to see if they have some HEMI merchandise in stock. Or, check out the offerings at
  • Honor the day! If you own a classic or modern Mopar with a HEMI engine, spend the day with it. Clean it up. Tune it up, if it’s of the vintage that allows you to tinker with items such as dwell settings, carburetors, and points and condensers. When everything is just right, take your car for a cruise and show of your HEMI.
  • Make every day a HEMI day! Do that by putting a HEMI in your garage, whether it is a classic Mopar or a modern Dodge Charger, Challenger or Durango, Chrysler 300, Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ram truck. Car shows are a great place to get a feel for what’s available and the prices being asked. Or, put the internet to good use and search for that classic car from your youth and the memories it rekindles. For today’s HEMIs, your favorite Chrysler Group dealership is always happy to show off modern muscle cars.
  • Check in to the Mopar Facebook and Twitter pages for exclusive HEMI day giveaways!


So, on April 26 make orange your favorite color for HEMI Day, and spread the message to all your friends.


What will you do to celebrate?